Sunday, February 28, 2010

Manthar Family

My father once explained it thus, "Respect those that act from purpose, distrust those that act from fear".  The Manthar family was not to be trusted, respected, or tolerated.  Its never been openly said but its understood that their destruction would be a matter of immense family pride.  It was only recently when Damien had some free time reading the records maintained by the Wand Family that he realized the truth of their mutual dislike.  Her name was Darien and if what Damian read is to be believed she was an albino drow wizard of considerable power.  Darien and her white lion familiar had traveled to Waterdeep seeking merc's that could be deployed in the underdark and realizing that Waterdeep would actaully have veterans of such forays.  Her offering for sufficent troops was 1 ton of a variety rare metals.

    To strengthen each families position Family Manthar and Agundar entered into an agreement to provide troops and share training, splitting the metals, sharing metal working knowledge gained, and sharing in the profits.  The Agundar family provided 100 Talos trained men, also training 100 of the Manthar troops.  At some point during the gathering and training of men, the Manthar family holdings outside waterdeep came under attack from a battalion of dwarves none to thrilled to learn of troops that would soon be provided to their enemy. 

    Damian discussed this information with his father when he was here and learned then that the Manthar family quickly broke from the agreement to appease the dwarves, gaining mining secrets from the dwarves along with sharing of their ore, thus become metal traders. Agundar was left with a broken deal and an angry wizard.  Father explained that his grandfather kept his word and provided the wizard with the 100 men and received a 1/4 of the rare metals offered.  Father claims that the wizard  Darien could very well still be alive since drow are so long lived.


James said...

(Briar) I always thought their perfumes smelled like female orc sweat.

James said...

(Griffith) My da never liked Ithnil Manthar; said he had no backbone.