Friday, August 10, 2012

A Familiar Destiny

My associates,” the speaker began tactfully. “Let me first speak of the unpredictability of magic as we are all aware: it was not long ago when the magical power used during the aberration exodus caused teleportation to be a fools gamble; and now this year over the summer, anyone with the skills to pen a magical scroll were purged of the talent.” With practiced tongue, Lord Pinpirk continued. “The winter brings wild surges to any endure elements magic and mayhap some other fell surge or catastrophic effects we have yet to see or discover. Magic is our lives, our existence, and we are united in its enduring survival.”

Gathered in cloistered groups, listening to the silver-tongued Imp, were scores of wizards’ bonded creatures. In the newly rebuilt attic of the Trades Ward hostel, the sight of House Umbrusks Hater’sBall, were familiars both native and outsider, common variety and magical creatures. Felines ranging from alley cats to a wondrous white lion who listened with casual interest; an eyewing fluttered bat-like from perch to perch seeing everything; and a scamp of sinister fey-gremlins were too listening to the tiny demon.

“These changes could not have happened without the aid of significant magic: a wish.” Lord Pinprik said with an air of authority, his claim was met with affirmative gestures of purrs and quick jerky nods. Ravens, owls, weasels, and rats; they all reacted to his words—a voice from one of their own, a familiar, it unified them in mysterious untold ways.
“Our Eldrich-Lords,” speaking of their wizard-masters but avoiding the slave connotation, the Imp continued. “can undo these fundamental alterations and repair the Weave.” The Imp felt each pair of eyes on him now, mammals, birds, reptiles. “However such a collaborative effort cannot hope to succeed while they each toil at the helm of their own master-plans; waging conflicts against each other, wizard against wizard!” This was met with several sharp barks, thin hisses, and rude gesticulations of outrage.

My associates… if we can come together now and palaver then we can come together in epic purpose. We will do what the Magi refuse to do and together share insight into the Aspects of Magic, we familiars will impart what they know and bring about the restoration of magic and the preservation of the weave... fulfilling our destiny.”

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