Monday, February 22, 2010

"Presenting The________________________"

(As Tauron)
It was proposed by Damian that we register for our endeavors while we were filing such requests by others. That idea really struck me and the more I thought, the more I felt we are, as a group, set apart from the other talented classmates. In the Agundar men are loyalty, honor, and most of all action oriented and willing to get things done. Eva, I feel you are a portent of change, and I think you have a destiny to fulfill. I also think you will need a man of valor to defend the foes you will find. Together, I think we will will find good fortune on our side. Ive decided to offer we make a band or company together, each as dedicated to improving all partners position and wealth. Who's with me, and what shall we call ourselves?


Gordzilla said...

Damien says, "I'm with you. My suggestion for our company name is

The Lords of Lightning!"

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Methinks our cavalier friend has a weakness for dusky-skinned wenches... But yes, I too will throw my support behind us becoming an official "group". Are we including our other companions, Eden and the others? Then I would suggest The Company of Nine.

harrygoblin said...

No, I mean the four of us. The others may prove to be solid relations, but I think the four of us stand apart from the others.

James said...

No "10th share company"? LOL

Russ said...

We as a group don't have anything to do with lightning.

How about the company of Emanate Resolve. or Expiry's fist.