Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fredric Jardeth of Waterdeep was born into service. He was a loose follower of Helm with lofty goals of paladin hood. However it was his shortcomings, to numerous to list that always seemed to start the conversations moving against him whenever he was considered for promotion. So when a position in the gardens opened with better pay he jumped at the opportunity. It was a lateral move in rank but he would prefer to guard the dead than deal with the sailors arriving late night on the docks.

His first night in the gardens he ran across some cultists. In his arrogance he attacked them alone without calling for backup. Another nearby patrol heard the combat but by the time they arrived only his blood and a few scraps of Fredric’s uniform remained. To this day no one has found any signs of his remains. Though some guards have sworn they could still hear his complaining on their patrols.

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