Friday, February 19, 2010

Legacy of Norsinnow

Norsinnow ‘of the withering touch’, devoted his life to studying and manipulating creatures of fell or magical origins and the combining of the two into new species. He ventures out every couple of years to collect subjects and materials needed for his vile rituals and spells. Many superstitions and folklore came about because of Norsinnow and his experiments. One such legend speaks of an undying herd of Dire-Horses of such ferocity and destruction that barbarians flee before it, land wilts in its wake and terror succumbs any who bears to look upon its ceaseless thundering might.


Gordzilla said...

In the links section would you please put a link to the google npc sheet? Thank you

James said...


James said...

(Griffith) Hey Bordane. I'm surprised your father is not all about this! I mean a herd of undying unstoppable destruction? I'm sure their trampling attack would be violent death of epic proportions.