Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rod of Terror

Made from Ironwood, a squat breed of iron hard trees found in most deserts, the rod is carefully wrapped in molted green scaled skin with a iron dragon head on the tip. A common arcane implement for adepts and wizards, it has the ability to instill dragon’s fear in an opponent whom falls under the gaze of the miniature dragon head.

Having no limit on its use; the rod was not created in the traditional way- its origins are credited to a dragon; Grazaria the Green. Her intention, it is believed, was to draw a mate; that the fear generated from the rod would attract the attention of eligible nearby males. Focusing all of her will into the rod, Grazaria created the Rod of Terror.

Overtime, its continuous use polluted the power and ever so slowly the rod began to bring about a deteriorating charismatic change in her. This only succeeded in defeating her purpose for the rod. Fortunately she didn’t suffer long in her mired existence as an ugly- hideous creature, bereft of her draconic grandeur; she was slain by a trio from Waterdeep called Kinship of the Stein.

(DM) The Rod of Terror is a 1st level Wand of Cause Fear with unlimited charges. There is a 20% chance of losing a point of Charisma with each use, however it can be used by anyone- even the zombie Fredric Jaradeth.


James said...

(Eden) Grazaria held the reins of the Inn Keepers guild at one time. Does anyone else think there still may be cultists in the guild?

(Chadwick) Is this something we as the Company of Nine want to get into?

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Most guilds are exclusive to one city. However, it IS possible for a guild, like one for innkeepers, to be spread across the Realms. Imagine it, in every big city or even modest town, a guild of innkeepers... and Dragon Cultists...