Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Cultist Items

Angel Statuette: This 24” tall statue of an angel is gold in color and handsomely crafted. Six red gemstones adorn the base of the statue (with an empty space for an seventh stone) and the wings are made of individual sheets of white metal that have been riveted to the angel’s back. The statuette is a representation of the angel of Zeal a domain of virtue. The statue is made of iron that has been plated in gold. The wings are crafted from thin mithril sheets and the gemstones are all perfect star rubies. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 2,600 gp (100 gp for gemstone, and 2,000 gp for statue).

Chest of Ancient Coins: A small, wooden chest with two dull metal locks and hinges made of the same material. The symbol of a snake is branded into the top of the chest. Opening the chest reveals a selection of 200 coins made of copper with electrum stamping of a crown on one side and a fist on the other and 40 silver coins with gold stamping of a lightning bolt on one side and an eye on the other.
The chest is common and the locks are average. The coins are hundreds of years old and the copper/electrum coins are “knights” while the silver/gold coins are “watchers.” Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 575 gp, (15 gp for the chest, 2 gp for each knight, and 4 gp for each watcher.

Four Iron Keys: Four heavy metal keys on a metal ring. The keys are dirty and scratched. All four different: the first is double notched, the second is long and slender, the third is round and grooved and the fourth is flat and wide. If the locks that these keys work with could be found they would have actual value.

Knight’s Banner: A 36” tall, 18” wide banner designed specifically to be carried high at the front of the Parade of Champions before the Great Steaks race as well as to be hung in at the castle banquet hall, this banner is red and blue with an ancient religious symbol embroidered into it with gold-colored thread. The symbol is that of a long-dead deity. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 400 gp.

Masterwork Climber’s Kit: This is a climber’s kit in a fine leather pouch. After study it’s obvious that this kit is superior to standard climber’s kits. The various metal components are crafted from mithril while the leather of the pouch, gloves, and harness are all of supreme quality. This kit grants a +4 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks when attempting to climb. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 1,300 gp (80 gp for the climber’s kit, 20 gp for the fine leather pouch, and 1,200 gp worth of mithril).

Ornamental Goblet: A 12” tall, heavy metal goblet, with four black stones at each corner the ‘square’ lip. It’s finely crafted and an obvious art piece. The goblet is manufactured of silver and the four stones are onyx. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 255 gp (15 gp for the silver goblet, and 60 gp each onyx stone). The metal is old and tainted.

Platinum Hammer (holy symbol?): A shining hammer, polished metal that gleams in the sun. The handle is manufactured of the same material but is cove red in hundreds of tiny glittering stones, almost more like a fine powder than actual stones. Exquisite mountain runes and scroll works of rolling hills are carved into each side of the hammer’s head giving it an earthly design. The hammer is constructed of solid platinum and the glittering stones are finely crushed diamonds that have been mounted to the handle. The fine artistry on the head of the hammer also adds a little value to the ceremonial implement. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 40 gp

Skull Bowl: Made of a human skull, this bowl leaks slightly when used and has to employed from a certain side. The inside of the skull is stained with a dark, black color while the outside has been bleached white.

Spider’s Web Lantern: A polished metal lantern in the shape of a spider’s web. It is designed more like a torch than a lantern and the light projected from it is not shielded in any way. The metal of the lantern is silvercoated steel. The true value of this lantern comes from the beautiful artistry of the web. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 130 gp.

Superior Metal Chain: A 50 ft. length of metal chain. This masterwork chain is constructed of a mixture of steel and mithril. This chain has a hardness of 15 and 30 hit points and can only be broken with a Strength check (DC 35+). Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 3,000 gp.

8300 total gold value


Russ said...

Wow, a lot of stuff!
I did print out the team work feats and will bring them tonight.

James said...

It is clear that all this stuff doesn't belong to them. The dwarf innkeeper did say that these thugs were causing problems for a inn under 'his' guild. There being a lot of visitors in the city with Greengrass this week and everything that entails.

harrygoblin said...

Hey Troy - should we split this ten ways?!LOL

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James said...

Oh! you went there! lol

Gordzilla said...

Troy doesn't care how we split it.

Damian thinks you can donate any moneys you want from your share and wants to know if the Cavalier wins the race if he'll be splitting the prize? Maybe you'll be offering everyone a share of the weapons we recovered.