Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cult of the Dragon


I thought I was perfectly clear when we spoke at length last week. Retain and establish low-men gatherers- pickpockets if you prefer the term; and build up your private hoard. What you promise in return is up to you; however your hoard must be of a significant value to be noteworthy. Only then may you have the improbability of notice to say nothing of actual palaver. The Master of North Wind will pay you no heed and hold no palaver for individuals of inadequacy. My hoard grows stronger by the day as should yours.

I will now share with you what I’ve heard; there is some competition in bending his ear. It seems that the rumors are true- there is some ruin in the hills near the center of the Kryptgarden Forest. The evil there was palpable but always elusive- it seems now the entity named Sithel has come out of hiding and has agents in play. And I’m sure it has something to do with the news now surfacing out of Secomber.

So indulge me… Fifty years ago with the exodus of the Illithids; an alteration occurred in the continuity of magic. Their simultaneous- mass use of magic portals and transportation rituals was like a discordant strum on the notes that hold magic in tune. In fact, I surmise that the very anchors that hold the levels of all the planes in alignment have been stressed to the point that there are thin regions where worlds can bleed into ours. But you know how the subject fascinates me. Regardless of my theories; on thing is sure- reliable transportation magic is forever changed. Even the elves’ ‘ways’ is said to be perilous. Unless one can find a working portal- some relic of the magic from ages past; and that is what I believe the Brokengulf explorers have discovered in the High Moor.

But a portal to where? Such information would be a treasure of significant value; worthy of notice.

As for the creature Sithel, I’m sure racial prejudices have not waned in recent years. Events tells me the time to act is nigh. Meet me during Greengrass festival same place as before; where Heroes’ Walk.

For the Hoard!


Gordzilla said...

Ok, here is what I was failing to say last night.

Yes I believe Umran is part of the cult. However I believe the cult has several sects, as there are many colors of dragons, I suspect there are many sects of this cult.

I agree that he told him to build his hoard but I think when Lakkonon went to him for advice, he told him, yeah gather ye rosebuds (thieves), build your hoard and rise in power. Without a hoard or larger group this Master of the North Wind will have no reason to listen to Lakk.

All that said I don't think Umran is Lakkonon's boss, I think he is an advisor cult member, not of the same sect, who pointed the way for Lakkonon, but who would not receive direct benefit of said thieves Lakkonon was gathering.

Regarding the Master of the North Wind, to me that is a monk title, not a dragon one. Perhaps within their cult they have developed monks.

James said...

(Wayne) I agree that there may be additional sects beyond the confines of dragon colors- it might be dragon family associations.

(Eden) We don't know their power structure yet.

James Caruso said...

(Kalina) Sithel?