Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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The Grand North Ward is where your families call home. In the echelons of Waterdeep society it would be safe to say that your families, (Cassalanter, Belabranta etc. included) are considered the middle-class of Nobility. The Sea Ward, for example is where the lofty Wands family reside- a change of address to this ward would also mean a step up in status.

Nobility in this case means that your family provides a vital service to the community, as such yours has been ennobled and given property- a residence in the city. Nobility does not mean leadership unless one of the masked lords is noble. Noble lordship 'buys' line-cutter status all but the most unique situations as well as the right to keep private arms-men. But what does that by you? Status in role-playing situations. In game terms to reflect wealthy family origins; when you gain a new level, your family will gift you with gold and items from your trust fund. Like when you gained first level.

When supposing who is the patron and or who is in power in your family is, differ to your parents first (like a chain of command). And this past post so that you get the feel for the power structure of the North Realms.

Maerklos: A smaller noble house than the edifices that surround it, however none as elaborate in adornment. Festooned with wards and idols to keep devilish interlopers at bay or add to the ambiance of its station. Indeed the house is a shiny bauble in the ward; this makes their frequent and diverse guests all that more welcome and comfortable. However during the evening hours the house takes on a more sinister appearance that borders on the supernatural. The visionary talents of the Maerklos clan is mostly employed by the more common folk of the city who are lost on their path; although every now and again someone comes to call from the Sea Ward.

Agundar: A modest representation of this mercenary-based brotherhood. The residence is structurally reinforced to withstand in-climate elements as well as an all out attack. Many times has this building be built upon adding rooms and exercise areas. A similar Agundar structure is located in Daggerford, Waterdeep's Military City. Under the stewardship of the church, the primary function of this family is the conversion of others to Talos- that all come to respect his unbiased fury. As well as professional warrior’s training with the bastard sword and the forging of said weapons. The Agundar clan in Waterdeep is a fraternity of sorts because it is more of a collective of Talos enthusiasts than blood relations. They were ennobled over two-hundred years ago.

Tarm: The Tarm stables and residences is located very near the North gate whereby travelers leave for locations abroad. Having a very 'old west' in appearance it has with it a welcoming charm. Firmly rooted in Waterdeep for over one-hundred years the Tarm family has been staunch supporters of Mielikki the Huntress (which keeps many warrior Tarms from the city) and the fair treatment and commerce of animals. Individual Tarms found in the city are often veterinarians, horse breeders or trainers. A group calling them selves the Kryptgarden Forest Keepers has charged themselves with campaigns in the North with hunting out and destroying beasts and followers of Malar, a duty they take great joy in.


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