Monday, February 1, 2010

View from the top. Review

Evening started out at Castle Waterdeep during the walkthrough for the wedding. Vannay Brokengulf informed my brother that he had spoken to the Wand family and offered us as pages during Palaver(conference, discussion or long parley). My brother wasn't too enthused, Damian saw it as a good oportunity. While on break from the walkthrough, I was approched by Darat and Truemenhorn, the two skallywaggss who had been watching the Blinkstone companions so dilligently. Darat was the talker of the two and spoke to me over a drink about his desire to make a name for himself like the Blinkstone Companions had. He was quite upset that he would never be accepted by them. I encouraged Darat to try his luck with my family and our faith and to secure his name with us. He wanted to think it over but seemed enthused.

As my cup emptied, my brother informed us that he had discovered a hidden passage in his wanderings of the castle. Since we were all tired of decorum and wedding things we agreed to go view this hidden passage. Bordane led us through the castle to a sub level that serves as a stable. At the rear of the stable is a set of spiral stairs that we heard voices on when we approched. Listening to the voices, we heard someone say to Vote Yes when something was brought up for vote at the Palaver. We then heard another voice, repeat in monotone to vote yes at the palaver. Damian decided he wanted to see who was on the stair. Climbing the stair he only found one individual but noticed a magical taint in the area that he chalked up to invisibility. Following the individual he finally saw his face and realized it was a member of the Wand family, as yet unsure whom exactly.

Bordane then led us up the stairs and further into the castle. We entered an anonomous bed chamber where Bordane pointed out the hidden passage. Damian of course saw it easily but the others struggled to see it till Bordane and I passed through. We found a strange passage with some rungs leading up. What was strange was if you viewed the castle from outside, it would seem there is no where "up" to go, no structure exists there. Damian boldly stepped forward and began his climb. Shortly after a few feet of climbing, something strange happened and he began to fall...UP! He soon got his bearings and landed near another door. A comment about the "doors", they weren't normal doors but basically box tops that were placed over the entry from the other sides. Damian warned the others of the strange fall up. Bordane attached a rope to the bed we moved and entered the passage, he too soon fell up, unfortunately banging his head against the strange passage the entire way. Once Bordane caught up with Damian, Damian slid the door to the side, entering into a strange room where he ran into a HUGE GIANT SNAKE WITH FEROCIOUS FANGS. Damian screamed warn the others of course, then dove back into the passage. After some light was procured the snake was revealed to be a statue. Soon we all found ourselves in the room. We wondered if we were still in the castle or if we had been transported somewhere else. Eva and Bordane found a large curtain and opened it where we discovered we were still in Castle Waterdeep, albeit high above in an invisible portion of the castle. The moonlight that washed over the room revealed much of the chamber to be filled with statues of a variety of fey creatures...who began moving as soon as the moonlight struck them!

Most of the fey creatures, quickly dissappeared out of the chamber either through the window or the passage we entered from. They moved incredibly fast. A unique kind of fey creature did not immediately flee. Identified to us as "Redcaps" these dark little fey are dressed in bloody rags and have sharp violent teeth. One of them leapt up, ripping flesh from Damian's neck. As the chaos erupted Eva wisely began closing the draperies, preventing additional creatures from being formed. Two of the three redcaps were killed, one in this chamber by Bordane, another in the passage, caught by Damian. Both of these creatures were beheaded. Damian realized at this point with the number of things knocked over and "missing" statues that whoever maintained this chamber would think they had been burgled. Not wanting to be thought of as a thief, Damian wrote a note at the deske in the chamber, explaining, without identifying himself or others, that they had fallen under some charm that they now think was a fey charm, and it lead them to this chamber, once the moonlight struck we were freed from our charm but unfortunately some of the fey creatures had escaped.

The party then returned to the passage and after Damian dealt with some difficulties finally climbed there way back to the bedroom below. Bordane spotted the remaining red cap, who was muttering TOW AR, TOW AR. Bordane chased after the creature, catching up to him in a hall, and slicing him down with his sword, hiding the creature behind a red drape. The party returned to the wedding walk through, finding everyone still on break. Vannay upon seeing us, introduced Damian to Raine Wands, the chief counselor of the Wand Family. I explained to Raine that I understood he needed some help, Vannay had mentioned our paging for him. Damian then enquired as to what skills would make for a good page, explaining that he knew discretion was of course expected. Raine was pleased by this and discussed a few other "page" issues. Damian put his mind at ease, then brought up that he "thought" he had seen him earlier tonight on the back stair. Raine claimed that he is NEVER back there and does not use that stairway. He didn't seem to be just denying it, he seemed to truly not recall or believe himself to have been back there. This caused us to suspect that he is either charmed or there is someone here using magic to appear as the chief counsel. Needless to say we will have to pay close attention. We met with our Uncle and told him of some of these issues as well as mentioning a desire to go to the city of the dead. He admonished us to stay out of trouble, with a twinkle in his eye that said he knew we ARE trouble and would surely find it.


Russ said...

Very nicely done!

James said...

Stellar review!

harrygoblin said...

That,s exactly how I remember it.

robm1171 said...

Brother, I will also mention that our dearest uncle ordered us to keep Eva safe, as well