Monday, February 8, 2010

Engraved on the Seaside Colossus

The strength to resist the night
The strength to endure the day
The strength to keep righteous paths in sight
The strength to take them without delay

The strength to find a purpose in life
The strength to find the truths it brings
The strength to kick away from strife
The strength to stabilize the rock it clings

The strength to light a friend’s day up
The strength to resist wrathful foes
The strength to fill a stranger’s dry cup
The strength to shun sin when it opposed

The strength to understand that xxx xxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx
xxx strength will continue to reign


robm1171 said...

I'm assuming that the "x"'s are words that are weathered or somehow rubbed out?

James said...

Yes. This is a popular social spot for young adults sometimes including yourselves.

It is said these colossial figures, by magic from the Blackstaff, come to life if the city were ever to come under attack.

robm1171 said...

This actually kinda leads to another question of mine... Is Elminster still around, especially w/out Mystra? How about the 7 Sisters, and Blackstaff?

James said...

Who said anything about mystra being gone?

Gordzilla said...

I think Damian just figured out where to locate the Strength Domain