Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok guys, here's the score, I know those two skallywags Darat and Truemenhorn are looking to improve their station in life.  They don't know it exactly but what they are looking for is respect, a name.  I want to give them that opportunity.  We can't be everywhere at once, if they don't do a good job, they get no respect.  They do a good job, our families look like we got things under control.  I'm going to offer them the chance to guard the habidashery.  They get good at that and we've got plenty of other local interests.  The other benefit is that people will have a hard time connecting them with us, so they may end up seeing more than our enemies would want us to see. 

We need to track down those other two scum bags and punish them.  You cross one of ours, you won't know when its coming, but we will strike like lightning.  Hell they are practically begging for it, they reside in an area where the law can't protect them either.  These two are more than just criminals, their faith threatens our interests.  By bringing them to justice we will serve more needs than pure vengence but I admit until we do I will struggle to raise my eyes to Eden's.  Had I known before today I would have sought them out and put them down.

I also plan to focus my weaponary studies on this new Glaive.  Eventually, with a 10 foot reach, I can get quite vicious with trips and disarming, a skill which would be helpful in a civil society such as Waterdeep, since I could humble without greatly wounding or worse.  I must admit our recent battle has wet my appetite and I know where enemies lay that we may fell!.

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