Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The wild dogs of Waterdeep are an ever present menace, and many citizens fear the packs that roam the streets at night. They are like any other dogs though, and with the proper patience they turn easily to their domestic roots. Take my dog Torm, for example. I rescued him from the street pack when he was very young, and I myself was only 16 years of age. Born into a wild pack in Waterdeep, he was injured as a pup and left behind. I found him in the morning, and as I nursed he and his broken leg back to health, the pack loyalty he had learned was transferred to me and my trusted mules. Also, I think his wild beginnings have made him a little quicker and stronger than he would have otherwise been. I have taught him the following tricks: come, attack, defend, down, fetch, and track 
While it is true that I have always loved horses and dogs, I am now very keen on acquiring a hunting eagle or hawk. I would like to train it to hunt rabbits and squirrels and bring them to me. I think it would also serve me well to study the movements and graces of a birds wings. That knowledge may well save my life the first time I am carried aloft by a BellaBrunta griffon.

Tauron Tarm


robm1171 said...

So a trip outside Waterdeep sounds like it's called for. Excellant!! Some time away from the watchful eyes of our parents I think is on the menu.

Russ said...

Outside Waterdeep, for what? There are plenty of places in town that sell birds of prey. This is the City of Splendors after all anything is available for the right price.

James said...

(Wayne) I'd like your expertise Tauron. I wish to have a trained dog for our trips out of the city. Having their keen senses accompanying us may save our skins.