Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rumors from a cousin in Secomber

Recently, a wild weatherbeaten half elf returned from the High Moor frostbitten but carrying proof of some valuable discovery.  Several recovery teams have gathered in Secomber preparing to head into the High Moor.  Some city locals are beginning to think there is a race to get to what ever was discovered, first. Merchants have mentioned a high demand for polearms and  cold iron weapons. 


James said...

Also don't forget- anyone can post up a PF rule discovery. :)

James said...

(Chadwick) Sounds like a opportunity for Bryan's buyers-group idea.

James said...

(Eden) We should pool our gold and buy up as much cold-iron weapons and pole arms from my da. As much as Taruon and his wagons can carry... to sell when we get to Secomber.