Friday, February 19, 2010

Manual of Bodily Health

Followers Ilmater also share Greengrass as a day of celebration; rather than a day of relaxation and the resurgence of spring. Sacred Ilmater doctrine marks the day as the end of holy suffering and righteous endurance over the winter months. A consecrated tome, bearing the names of individuals who by choice was killed or visited great suffering rather than denounce their religion, is brought out by the clergy and paraded around the city. During which the names are spoken with reverence and new ones are added- each a canonized saint in the embrace of Ilmater. It is a solemn procession that- at the end of its trek through Waterdeep, results in a magical tome of health and well-being. The codex is then unselfishly gifted to the clergy of Tyr, Torm or Helm.

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