Monday, February 1, 2010

Eva Maerklos Origins part 3 (final)

Mackenzie revered Paladin of Tyr, sanctified the gates to the gardens. In years past the Moonfest Festival saw increased activity in the city of the dead and he vowed this year would be different. Having recently exterminated a cult worshiping Myrkul he felt confident the hardest part of the evenings task was behind him. Normally his presence eased the minds of the guardsmen he patrolled with, but this night was different. The ward captain Boren seemed especially nervous. He knew something, Mack could feel it but would gain no favor buy bulling it out of him. As the night wore on Mack felt the tension grow, with every group of revelers chased away from the gates Boren and his men grew more anxious. It was like they had been tipped off about an event they could do nothing about.

All at once half a dozen zombies appeared down the street and set upon a group of revelers. Mack and half the patrol rushed down to handle the horde while Boren and some men stayed behind. No match for the paladin he raised his sword aloft and uttered a prayer to Tyr destroying all the undead with a single word. Confident he turned back to the gate to enjoy the envious stares of the remaining guardsmen. As he looked back Mack could not believe what he was witnessing. The guards’ heads bowed to a single human child. No more than 13 yrs of age she approached the gates with no hesitation.
She embraced Boren, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and entered unhindered through the gate. Mackenzie rubbed his keen elven eyes surely this was a trick. He rushed over to the gate only to see the faint outline of the girl disappear into the gardens.

You are best to forget what you saw Boren said to Mack as he turned his attention back to the revelers. Still in shock all Mack could say was who? Eva Maerklos Boren chimed in quickly she plays here some nights and never misses a Moonfest, it’s also her 12th birthday. You cannot let a helpless child wonder the graveyard alone at night Mack shouted. As he turned and ran off into the darkness he could her Boren say something about not listening and arrogance but what that had to do with the girl Mack could only speculate.

Mack entered the clearing where the faint glow was originating. He could see Eva encapsulated by an eerie mist, singing aloud from a song book . While the language she spoke was not of this world it flowed from her as if it were her native tongue. Mack could sense the presence of evil from the clearing confident it was not the girl he waited for the fiend to show himself. Then the mist began to shift, forming into a vaguely humanoid shape. Mack lept into action, determined to slay the demon that had ensorcelled the child he drove his blade feverishly into the mist. Shouting prayers to Tyr he brought his full might down upon his foe summoning forth all the power is deity would bestow.

Mackenzie had been in many battles, felt the sting of a sharp blade, the force of slamming hammer, and the magic of ancient evils to horrifying to mention. The pain he felt was like no other dropping him to his knees. Leaving him defenseless as the innocent child he failed to protect all he could do was wait for the final blow. The blood welling up in his eyes clouded his vision, he could barley make out the form of the child standing over his helpless form. He could hear her, softly speaking into the darkness asking for mercy it is not his time is the last words he heard as he faded into unconsciousness.

As Mackenzie opened his eyes the morning sun was blinding. The dark shadow of Boren sat next to him on the ground. The healers are on the way Boren said, though I fear your eyes might be lost. Mack smiled, if that is the will of the gods so be it. At least I am alive thanks to her, is she here? No, she always goes home before dawn, doesn’t want to be late for school.


James said...

Another fine story! I'd like you to detail this clearing Eve returns to- give it some history and why she keeps coming to this specific place. SWEET!

Gordzilla said...

I agree sweet. Cool mood and aura

harrygoblin said...

These character bits are fantastic. I think I may be a 0-level follower of Eva.