Monday, March 1, 2010

Bladesemmer: Ally of The Agundars

Founded over a hundred years ago by a mage, Curcio Bladesemmer, who knew the value of having a good sword to watch his back. Curcio didn't have much in the way of offensive magics, relying on illusions to surprise and bewilder his opponents. He earned enough to purchase his nobility in Waterdeep and set about hiring a virtual army of blacksmiths to begin making high-quality blades. Over the years, his decendants slightly branched out into designing exotic body armor and the teaching of fencing. It wasn't until 16 years ago, when the captain of the Agundars' mercenaries, Ghengil, a warrior from the far east, suggested an alliance between the Agundars and the Bladesemmers. The Bladesemmers provide the Agundars with swords, at a 30% discount and we do all our blade-trading through them. The Bladesemmers in fact taught Bordane how to fence and provided him his first rapier. Balazar was initially against Bordane's learning of this style of fighting, wishing the boy to take up the bastard sword. Ghengil, again, stepped in and reasoned that, while Bordane would be primarily be trained as a fencer, Ghengil would see to it Bordane learned the other weapons as well. And many an exhausting and bruising training sessions followed

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James said...

(Wayne) Historically they follow Tempus that is my families connection.