Saturday, February 6, 2010


Greengrass is the official beginning of spring and the end of winter, a day of relaxation. Flowers that have been carefully grown in the inner rooms of the keeps and temples during the winter are blessed and cast out upon the snow to be trampled on, to bring rich fertile growth in the season ahead.

To mark the day each year the Ilzimmer family holds the Great Stakes race. Leading up to this are actually a number of little races that last about a two weeks and culminate in the Great Stakes; a great horse race that spans the city streets of Waterdeep. The Great Stakes is the social event of the season for nobility, featuring not only the parade of champions (the 12 horses, riders, and owners), but also the Equestrian Ball (where the guests wear horse masks over their faces and attach horse tails to their belts).

Then there is Durnan’s Delve. For a nominal fee brave warriors or foolhardy explorers can be lowered into the undermountain and endure a twelve-hour survival and hunt. Preceding this are various contests of strength, of wit and of ale consumption.

In the Gladiatorial Field of Triumph- fearsome monstrous acquisitions from over the winter are pitted against any who would know Valor and Victory. Battling the winter beasts, such as the yeti, symbolizes the prevailing over winter. Men who survive are considered prime husband candidates by certain female social circles.

Women are not without activities; there are bake sales, jewelry parties their blah blah blah…


robm1171 said...

Bordane: Damian! I think this year would be the perfect time to test our mettle in Duran's Delve! Think about; you, me, Tauron and Eva, down there braving the depthes. We could even tell Father that he could use the tale of our exploits to increase business!

Russ said...

I always hated this festival. Don't get me wrong I see no fault with the celebration of new life brought about by spring. However most fools tend to forget this life is temporary and soon the icy grip of death will come to claim it.
Death is hard enough to see without turning your back on it.

As for Durnan's Delve, Bordane do you see your self as the brave warrior or foolhardy explorer?


Gordzilla said...

I agree that we could utilize the festival to our advantage, but Undermountain exploits are not seen by the masses.

A victory in the Field of Triumph could gain us valuable contacts with houses who collect those beasts while also improving my social standing in a way that my looks cannot.

robm1171 said...

Eva, of course I see myself as a brave, INTELLIGENT, warrior. I know when to cut our losses and run. And Damien, I would disagree. Word would spread through those who matter if we did the Delve. However, either endevour would probably suit our needs.