Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We picked the evening up in the mausoleum, having just figured out the properties of our parcels. We emerged to the voices of our classmates , where they were also being presented with parcels, matched pairs like ours. They were presented to them by undead beings like those that led us to the Hall Of Heroes. Some recovered from their shock very quickly and showed talent with their gifts, namely Briar and Chadwick. We then spotted a man in the trees watching us, and it turned out to be the horse breeder we took our mounts from. The man is an Ilzimmer, my houses greatest rival. However, the courser is without compare, and his bloodstock will benefit our stables. In return for the stallion, I have agreed to race him in the Great stakes race. As commented by my brother, this will go over somewhat roughly with my father.

We travelled as a group to the haberdashery, Briar astride my newly won animal companion, Rusher, the rest of us walking. We saw a group of street thugs casing the haberdashery, and Eden became very emotional and described a rape perpetrated by this very bunch. We calmed everybody down, and split into two groups. The PCs along with Briar attacked the toughs, while the others secured the business. Though our cause was righteous, our anger got the best of us and two of the rapists were killed. Two got away, but one was subdued and forced to talk before I got back with the guard. The shop was secure, guarded by Edens father. He said he saw the gang members and didn't want to leave with them watching. As I was searching for a watchman my horse had discovered a pile of walnut shells where we staged our attack. We tracked them and they led to a dwarf speaking to 2 halflings. I introduced myself, made some inane small talk about "trouble with some street toughs" and left to bring a guard and justicar to the crime scene. Our captive told us the gang were agents of the Cult of the Dragon, and he was not a member. He claimed they were hired only hours ago by a dwarf ( yes, that dwarf) and they were to report any activity and tell him what happened. The two that got away were named as Darmom and Urid. The Cult made its lair in the Dungeon of the Crypt (entered by the sewers). The dwarf approached them in the Pampered Traveller. The prisoner was not involved in the rape, and eventually led away by the guard, and the investigator was satisfied that we were without guilt in the killing of the two rapists. We then decide to go see this dwarf at this bar. We thought we found him and his henchmen in a dark alley by the Pampered Traveller, but the joke was on us, as it turns out he is the owner of the inn, and a Guildmaster. His name is Mason Thorvald, and he claims to have noble intentions of safe guarding the wonders of Gond. He claimed to have no knowledge of their connections to the cult, and basically said he hired them to give them a job and minimize their damage.

That is all I remember of the meeting in the Inn and my notes are somewhat thin, so any one feel free to add or post notes. I do remember Damian shamelessly taking 3 more silver pieces than any one else got, but his brother explained to us that that was the behavior we should come to expect.

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