Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Palaver

The Palaver is held in Waterdeep castle- ‘the eld’ Piergeiron (The Paladin-son) plus six masked lords hold public forum.
  • Applicants and charters were processed to venture forth in the North.
  • The late spring thaw comes the Blinkstone Companions annual campaign into the North and their plea for capitol and charter. Mastock joins the Blinkstone Companions.
  • Amelior Amanitas, a mage of some measure from Secomber, to apply for charter for the formation of the Company of the Hippogriff to venture into the High Moor.
Once the assembly convened Sai Piergeiron wasted no time in regards to the missing Dezlentyr ships. Dexlentyr are the first ships to venture from port each trade season. The three missing ships means that hostilities between Luskan and Rauthym have resumed. Piergeiron calls for a draft for a cease of hostilites.
  • Vote to approve winter-time city guard personnel numbers. Only Piergerion knows the actual number of guards as a matter of security. 
  • Orders are passed down that if probable cause can be found; city watch is allowed to search all travelers and citizens for the citys gemstones. Investigation is on-going that one or more people are smuggling out fistfuls of gemstones (armor and weapon crystals) from the city mines. Witness testified that these gemstones have surfaced in Balder’s Gate, Luskan, and Mirabar so far.
  • Advisory Commissions were formed to argue the finer points of: The great horn peal that is herd throughout the North since the winter solstice and how to contain the shadow fey and fey wild tury war with minimal damage to city and people.
Aside from City/State upkeep- there were other individuals that held palaver.
  • Balazar the Terrible Agundar (and sons), announced that by church decree (Like stone tablets) issued by the church; from on-high, declare Talos is too god of all violent death.
  • Basilius Blackthorn, a middle-aged, respectable dealer in wood and the boat building trade- has made himself known as a spokesman for One-Thousand Trade Kings. The group claims to noble in its goals to ensure fair market trade and distribution of the ore known as mithril. 
  • The Waterbaron of Yartar, calls for reinforcements to keep the village and roads nearby safe from giants and trolls raiding out of the Evermoors. Forced south by the unusually harsh winter, trolls have besieged the walls of Yartar for three weeks without letup. 
  • Bronwyn Caradoon presents Everlund’s petition for the construction and maintenance of a true road along the Evermoor Way between Everlund and Yartar. There was a protest filed and the petition was called into commission.
Finally; the exiled cleric of Gond, Cortland Andrus, returns with little ceremony to present to his friend Piergeiron- twin clockwork pistols cast from his sword the "Sun-Cleaver".

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