Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sword and Shield

Each Watch patrol has a minor officer (the armar; sergeant) and its commander (the civilar; lieutenant or captain), who both answer to the commander at their guardpost (senior civilar). There are several guardposts in each ward. Senior civilars report to the captains in their ward, the ward civilars. The seven ward civilars report directly to the grand civilar who is equal in authority with Mage Civilar and Senior Armsmaster.

The watch undertakes daily and nightly patrols in Waterdeep, making sure all is in order. They can use lethal force against opponents, but as a rule do not. Watch officers who must kill in the line of duty are never charged, nor held financially responsible, for the deaths they bring about. An officer who kills often without clear cause will be dismissed. Any on-duty member of the Watch may, unless specifically forbidden by a Lord, enter any building or area in the city without hindrance or warning, and search any person, place or container at will.

The Watch also provides services such as finding a lost child, providing directions or basic medical aid, refereeing gambling disputes or helping right an overturned cart. All The uniform is black leather worn over gold chainmail, with green tabards and cloaks. The seal of the Lords of Waterdeep is either embroidered over the left breast of the tabard or worn as a metal cloak clasp, off-center over the left breast. The weapons of the Watch are dagger, short sword and rod. The Watch has access to the Guard armories in the Castle, Palace and wall-towers.

A Waterdhavian Guard is a soldier of the army of Waterdeep, dedicating his service to defending the Lords, people and property of Waterdeep. City guards, no matter what rank or type of duty, are warriors, fighters, or paladins. The Guard stands ready at all times to supplement the Watch in all matters, helping keep order within the city. They man the walls and watchtowers, the catapults, the jails and the gates of the city (a joint post with the Watch.) People can join the Guard after thorough physical and mental examinations, and initially enlist for two years, after which time they may resign their commission or stay for an additional two-year period. Guard uniforms are silver scale mail covered by a black tabard and cloak with gold trim and the gold Seal of Waterdeep on their chests. The size of the Guard is known only to Sai Piergeiron and possibly the Lords. Officers uniforms are the same as those of the regular guardsmen, with the addition of a badge of rank.

The Guard's Air Corps of griffin riders provide the city's aerial defense, while the mariners of the Guard's Naval Brigade keep watch on the harbor's islands and towers, man the raker fleet and coordinate anti-smuggling patrols. Both otherwise correspond to the description above.


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