Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the Lord visited Sarah, as he said he would, and Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son after all those years.

And it came to pass that God said to Abraham "Take your son, your only son Isaac, into the land of Moriah and offer him to me as burnt sacrifice"

And they came to the place which had been told by God, where Abraham built an altar and laid out the ceremonial firewood. Then as God commanded, he tied up his only son Isaac and laid him upon the altar. Just then an angel spoke "Stay your hand, good father. The Lord God is pleased to know his servant would hold not even his dearest love , his only son, the son promised him of God."
Then God spoke to Abraham, and promised great tidings and providence for all his seed, and theirs beyond, and theirs beyond. Thus was Isreal and his children born.

"Come in brother, sit down."

The young man had never worked a job before, but he could ride a horse, and wasn't short on gumption. At sixteen he shouldn't be supporting six brothers and sisters, but he was and he needed money.

" A lot of questions are hard, and some are tricky, but Family over Faith? I think I can help you there.

Tauron offered the lad a chair in the stable office. The caravan was due to leave tomorrow and they were a few riders short of comfortable. If he could hire a good man, it would show his administration skills off to his father.

"You see, I have always offered my prayers to Tymora, the Lady of Luck. Now many, including the good Father in service to Helm, dismiss Her, saying she is fickle, or undependable, or taken to fancy. But these are the words of an impatient man, to shortsighted to let the game play out. That kindly shepherd would implore you to stay home, haul chamber pot water for copper to struggle to feed your orphaned brethren and ensure their survival. However, that advice does not ever provide a chance to succeed for your family. His claim that " one stroke of bad luck on the road and your orphaned young are without a protector" does not include the fact that "bad luck" is every bit as rare as "good luck", and in fact the two are exactly the same damn thing!"

The boy looked surprised at that thought.

"Nobody should be ruled a belief that stifles your families growth and success. Myself, I seek the Favor of Tymora. I'll be honest , I seek to add to the fortunes of my family, which I share with my brothers. But that means I have to seek out opportunity, and I'm not the only one doing that. There are many others competing for every gold crown I wish to earn. Sometimes my competition will execute an excellent plan to great success, even at my expense. It would be easy to call that loss my "bad luck", or my competitors "good luck", but both are wrongly named so.It is true that a good plan allowed the winners to take advantage the luck the is always present at any conflict or competition { there is always a +2 bonus on the table}."

"Now we make it a habit to always be prepared to guard our caravans and you can be part of that. We always pay a sign on bonus, and you would get that before we leave, You could buy those kids a month of food and firewood before you even left."

"Make your luck work for your family"

On the 5th day out, the boy took a bandit's arrow thru his eye while sword-fighting with two other bandits trying to steal horse on a midnight raid. The thieves were turned away. Some of the older guards said they had never seen such a display of young valor.

When the message was delivered, the eldest sister, only 14 , showed the same steely courage of her dead brother and said " I will take care of these others now."
"Of course you will dear." The older woman smiled with motherly eyes. "But you will do so at my manor, and become part of the household. Your valiant brother was very brave, and his honor demands nothing less."

Years later they would all somberly toast their brother and his noble sacrifice every holiday, thankful for their well paid appointments as servants of minor nobility.

Keep your faith, and it will provide for you and your Family


James said...

Sweet dude. Very nice.

robm1171 said...

While I would, behind closed doors for now, worship Bane and believe in my right to rule, I definitely have bent the knee in quick prayer to The Lady.

Russ said...

While I believe all gods deserve our acknowledgement and respect. It would seem Bhaal and ultimately Myrkul tend to make there presence known more frequently. The boy in your story can testify to that.