Friday, February 26, 2010

The Crusades (Part One: Fall of the Ice Regent)

Three hundred and twenty years ago, in the city of Illusk (where Luskan now stands), the Winter Palace of Auril fell to the Knights of Samular ending a holy-crusade that lasted an entire winter. Led by Allisa, Paladin of the Mists; daughter of King Humas Samular. She and her fellow Knights set upon the temple and the treacherous Xanthom.

In earlier years, Xanthom was well known for her swordplay with her dual scimitars and her devotion to the lord of battles and of course the king. She of beautiful features and firm voice was but gullible and trusting; so when a vengeful young red dragon known as Crimson came to exact his reprisal, Xanthom became a pawn in that revenge.

Crimson’s plan was to destroy the Knights from within. He arrived at the conclusion that the beautiful Xanthom should acquire a Talisman of Ultimate Evil; forever changing her morals and alliances.

That summer, Xanthom fell from the grace of Tempus following a bitter betrayal of one of her fellow Knights. Tempus himself cursed her by causing her to grow extra useless, hideous extremities that even should they be severed; they would always regenerate. She became possessed with purpose and began her own campaign to obliterate all of Tempus’ followers, thereby destroying her former god.

She died in her temple’s ossuary, beaten and exhausted under Allisa’s holy blade with a dire curse on her lips: “May the Gods of Fury visit such a reckoning upon Samular and his linage… LIKE NONE EVER KNOWN!”


James said...

(DM) Note that I've revised how long ago all of this was. Samular and his crusades and were 326 not 500 years ago. But still during the year of Waterdeep's founding. That is to say 1032, the year Ahghairon became first lord of Waterdeep, and the date from which Northreconing is counted.

robm1171 said...

Ok, seems Samular was a good guy, at least wanting to end the reign of Auril. Knights of Samular sounds like a good name to me

James said...

Please read this on Talos- specifically the relationships with other deities of fury. Is it Wednesday yet?

James said...

(Griffith) Bordane. Talos is at the head of the gods of fury of which Auril is a member. Sounds like there was more than one fallen knight of Samular.

James said...

(Wayne) I wonder which one of us, if any is related to this Allisa of the Mists or if Xanthom had any children.

robm1171 said...

Gods of Fury... I think Tempus, god of battle, may want to have a talk with Talos, especially since father's pronouncement of "violent death". I think the Agundar boys may need to be a little more vigilant against retaliatory strikes.