Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tauren Tarm

The Horseman, The Charging Knight, The Gypsy Lord

Samular Companions, my brethren ascendants, I still hold fast to my faith in Tymora, and intend to restore her to the heavens. But I now intend to escort her when I take my place amongst the Samular Pantheon with You. I shall seek to appeal to a range of worshippers including cavaliers, horse cultures, travelers, merchants, bards, fighters of all trades, courtesans, and passion driven nobility.

Luck – Make your own luck, and make the most of it when luck favors you. Never blame another’s good luck as “bad luck” for you.

Chaos - Chaos is. All reality, every situation, every unique moment is in constant flux. The way of things dictates that this is always so and will always be.

Protection – The love of your life, the fruit of your loins, the friends that you keep, the parents who taught you love, the things you have gathered, the ideals that keep you strong, the place you call home and the nobility that provides for it’s civilized advancement. All these things are worth protecting, and they deserve your devotion to their protection.

Travel – Commerce and diplomacy are what builds economies and beneficial trade agreements. That makes travel between cities and kingdoms alike of utmost importance. In a military sense, a power that maneuvers the transfer of large groups of militia efficiently and quickly can often dominate conflicts with superior numbers and supplementary troops.

Animal – Man has ever held dominion over animals, and he should. Use beasts of burden, hunting dogs, ravens that fly unerringly, hounds of war. Yet, hold one animal above all others. Let the horse be treated as the nobility of the animals that serve us. The horse has borne us from the time of the first fires, and shall carry us to the heavens.

Wealth – To amass wealth is to gather resources. Resources that can be used to accumulate any thing from political influence to appointments to nobility, to garrison troops to protect the wealth you have earned, or any other goal you have dedicated yourself to. Wealth is a station of nobility.

Glory – Let your deeds be legends, and let there be songs sung of you after you pass. Aspire to such success as you can imagine, and pursue that aspiration unto making it so. Do not be shy of relating the glory of deeds you have performed. Neither be shy of recording such deeds as you have witnessed, by song or by tale. Tell the stories of your times, relay the glories to the masses, and become part of the glory that shapes cultures and makes nations.

Lust – Lust is life’s truest reward. There is no more divine moment than that of release, and there is no need more human. It is more than the compulsion to breed; it is the desire to consume something so alluring, beautiful, immaculate. It is to assuage your every desire as you wish. Vanquish your lust, drink in your desires, for to deny yourself is to make you a prisoner of what you desire.

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