Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Galoban was a middle aged bard who had more skill than he had acclaim. He also had a knack for being very observant, and tried his best to take advantage of good fortune when it presented itself, Thank Tymora. Walking down Pharra's Alley, well away from the House of Wonder, he felt rather than saw the wild surge blast out of the small townhome of Indirion. The surge seemed to expel and scatter 2 groups of small creatures that seemed hell bent to destroy one another. Galoban quickly hid and witnessed 6 goblins and 4 pixies battle to the death, a furious affair that saw all participants die violent deaths in about 30 seconds. It wasn't until this time that Galoban noticed that the entire area had become silent. As he passed the strange soldiers' bodies, he collected everything he could, which was mainly small and tiny weapons and armor. He was surprised at the high quality of armament both sides had, as even the goblins looked to have expertly crafted weapons. He cautiously went inside to see what had happened to Indirion, an acquaintance but not necessarily a friend. Galoban was generally to suspicious of people to have many friends. Inside, the house looked as if it been up-ended and turned inside out. Indirion lay in the midst of the heap, alive but dumb founded. He was breathing and his eyes were open, but they were glazed over and he was unresponsive to any thing Galoban tried. Realizing the opportunity that had luckily fallen his way, he immediately scanned the room. Everything was a chaotic mess, but an exotic book with an ornate wooden cover and binding caught his eye. Being an in dependant wizard, Indirion was not that advanced, but surely his books were still of great value. The title was even more intriguing: A Druid's Bag of Tricks. He took it, and then all his attention was suddenly focused on a simple gold band ring. It was beautiful, and he could feel it's power from 10 feet away. He grabbed it and thought to himself " With a wizards ring, I can truly begin to overcome the prejudices of all the petty musicians and competitors that have held me back." The silence made him suspicious that guards or people would discover him, and he had his prizes, so he left, mouthing a quick prayer for his acquaintance to find the graces of the Lady of Luck. Once he was certain he was in the clear, he began experimenting with the ring, and was delighted with the results. After working with it, he was convinced the ring was a boon to bards, granting a magical aid to all of his performing skills. He even discovered that it disguised his nervous eye twitch when delivering oration performances. He also quickly figured out that it absorbed some of the silence of the wild surge, and could allow him to move silently at a moments thought. Of course he was doomed to always believe this now for that is the way of all such cursed delusional rings. He went to sleep with three thoughts on his mind; how to approach and profit from the new group of young nobles that had just returned to Waterdeep this very day, this Company of the Nine; how to sell a wizard book about druids; and his wonderful, amazing luck in finding this, his ring.


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5 cards bitches! Boooo to the yaaah.

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