Sunday, September 18, 2011

Talisman of Ultimate Evil

Like an intricate and artistic stained glass window in the heavens portraying the story of creation and the edicts of faith; at its center, stands a stylized representation of a tower, the weave, standing impossibly over all of reality.

Then a pulse from the top of the tower rippled outward, bending and shattering the heavens. Invested with divine power of good and virtue, evil and sin, knowledge, magic, and all the domains; these shards rained in sevens down upon the mortal realms.

When it became aware, the Talisman knew there was an opportunity to recreate its existence. It also knew it was unique in that nothing else, and no one else held seven aspects when gods fell. While each of the Talisman's seven aspects came from different gods, some not even from this realm and some now dead, but all exquisitely manipulative and evil.

The Talisman sees its path before it very well and after a time it calls out for it must have a host. Any host will do for now.

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