Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Harper’s Tale Part 2

After kenneling her war hounds, the Harper Eriadne Thann returned to the aromatic, wood paneled common room of the Bargewright Inn. Aldon Bargewright was delivering a great spoken word performance, easily commanding the attention of all patrons. There was a fire in the hearth to ward of the night chill, raising the mood of the folken.

Taking measures to minimize attention, Eriadne moved closer to the hearth. The Bargewright Inn was her last stop before her trek into the High Forest. She wasn’t about to handle this herself; two Harpers agreed to accompany her, claiming her and their paths come together on this adventure.

Eriadne did not know if these two knew the reasons she sought the summoner Elkoremarr. The thought concerned her briefly but dismissed it; no need to worry about that which ye do not have a hand in. Mayhap they would help restore her family’s honor, it was lofty thinking to be sure.

Eriadne stopped, sitting under a battered shield bearing a symbol of Tymora was the two she was looking for; or too they were looking for her. They were tracing lines and arcs on a map Eriadne recognized as the north-western region of the High Forest. Encouraged, Eriadne approached and kindly introduced herself to each, exercising two decades of noble etiquette and speech.

The woman Serpe’ was a captivating islander, which was to say she was from either Ruathym or Gundarlun, mayhap the Purple Rocks. She was a skald, the island nation’s equivalent to inland bards of tavern fame. She comes across to Eriadne as high-adventure and heroic action; even reckless. Serpe’ boasts her athleticism and endurance; she lives for new challenges.

The man Einar, another islander regards himself a ranger and elf-friend. When he speaks it is then Eriadne settles that these two are from Gundarlun. Much of his weapons and combat gear are of elven make; validating his claims as friend of the fey. He is well spoken and confident as he explains how their paths have come together.

“Two friends of the Harpers have gone missing while looking for one of their own.” Einar began. “Not long ago creatures from the netherworlds summoned by Elkoremarr captured a Priest of Tymora; right outside these doors understand. The priest has since returned, but her two would be rescuers have not.”
Serpe’ interjected, “Eriadne do you know what has befallen the vast pantheons of this realm and the impact it has had on humanity?”

Eriadne slowly nodded, Serpe’ continued, “This priest was believed to hold a fragmented piece of divinity and as such was targeted by the vile summoner you seek. When she returned, the priest was minus the divine investiture. Elkoremarr removed it and who knows what became of it.”

“I’m only too glad to have the two of you along Sai.” Eriadne said with heart-felt sincerity. “And I vow to help you find the missing duo.”

Eriadne regarded the map and noted the odd sigil on their map. Its location corresponded to a location on her own, but hers was where Elkoremarr’s horrible tower stood. “What is that symbol there supposed to represent?”

Serpe’ and Einar regarded her carefully before the woman answered. “The divine fragments are called aspects and we fear that Elkoremarr’s tower is some aspect form of deceit or illusion or someting; finding him will be difficult.”

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