Saturday, May 8, 2010

Word Travels Fast

Her name is Fejyelsae and she's rather famous around here. Why is she famous? Because when times were tough, she took a modeling gig for an artist here in the castle ward. Originally this picture was just a drunken bumbling Ogre but all that got the artist was two sales and both of those at cut rate to her relatives. The artist spotted Fejyelsae in an argument with a street vendor and inspiration was born. I'm not sure how much the artist paid her but it wasn't enough. Soon this picture graced several businesses around Waterdeep as well as several reproductions on pamphlets and even on stage. Poor Fejyelsae's reputation as a scout and swordswoman was overshadowed by her fame as the "Ogreslayer" or "The Shesword". Fejyelsae had never even fought an Ogre but people believe what they want. How do I know all this? Well I know the artist well. She is very talented and when she can stay sober she is able to produce amazing works. Yes, Agatha Agundar is the artist of the most famous piece of popular art in Waterdeep in the last twenty years. You see money was tight for me too, and mother needed someone to stand in for the ogre. That was the first time I met Bledorown, he was who provided the spells to make me appear as the ogre. I hadn't seen Fejyelsae in quite some time but Saturday night after the Palaver, she was at the Inn and made sure to come by and congratulate me.  Whenever I had hit on her before she always put me off either by saying she doesn't date ogres or maintaining she would not see anyone who had not passed the walk of heroes...I guess word travels fast. 


James said...

That's great! I love how you tied in your family.

(Griffith) I don't date ogres. Lol!

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Dear brother, now that we've done the Heroes Walk, your way should be open and clear!