Friday, April 2, 2010

Blood on the First

All were killed in the exact same vile act of seven deadly piercings through the seven chakras or nodes with a 12” horn, long tooth or spine that was left behind in each victim through the head. It is the belief of some, that revocable damage can be wrought when great care is taken to damage or overcome the seven chakras, and that these deaths cannot be undone.

  1. Toraph (unknown): His only family was the clergy of Tempus and his blessed weapons. Killed with a cold white, spiraled horn- much like a unicorn.
  2. Tais Tarm: Oldest of the seventh generation Tarm and a Kryptgarden Forest Keeper Member. Killed with a pale blue-white, coarse to the touch and slightly curved horn.
  3. Panricon Cassalanter: Eldest son, training in Daggerford when he was killed. Not much is known about his murder weapon.
  4. Britten Brokengulf: Morus’ niece- cleric of a barbarian totem. Killed with a warm-feeling orange spine that fades to black at its sharp point.
  5. Hark Stormweather: Female skipper, was to leave for her first voyage as house-captain. Killed with a pockmarked, slightly curved blue horn that is coarse to the touch.
  6. Honim Durinbold: Young male swordsman, known to serve as watch auxiliary. Killed with a warm-feeling blood-red horn with pink rings around its circumference.
  7. Koris Jardeth: Warrior-sage, gentleman and duelist with a rapier. Killed with a horn that resembled an olive green taper, melted and reformed.
  8. Tobem Rosznar: A bond with her still born twin; granted her supernatural abilities. Killed with a black spine-horn that reeks a foul odor.

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Gordzilla said...

Damian: We need to discover if anyone has been put in charge of this investigation. I would like Lormo to discreetly acquire that information if possible.