Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Lost Legion of the Melairkyn

Udall stood before the portal home, his thoughts returning to that fateful day all those years ago.  His cousin Vanos stood beside him as he had throughout all their battles.  Where once the legion stood one hundred thousand strong now only ten thousand remained, the best of the best Udall grimly thought.  It was almost impossible to comprehend that they had finally achieved the victory their king had envisioned all those years before.  Udall and Vanos, the leaders of the lost legion, destroyers of Edomira, stood before the flame portal home, their memories overwhelming them...
The drow spy lay dead on the floor, his formerly invisible blade lay at the feet of the Dwarf King Melair IV.  Silence filled the King’s chamber, the lack of sound almost as loud as the noise of battle the preceded it.  All six of the king’s men stood waiting for their monarch to speak, silently wondering if one of their numbers was also a magically disguised drow elf.  Udall looked across at his cousin Vanos who stared back and gave a short nod.  They both knew that the drow only would attempt something this brazen if they had already planned to attack.  Their army would not be far from the Melairkyn walls, their spies wreaking havoc throughout the dwarf city. 
“Now comes the true test of loyalty my brothers!” The king’s voice echoed loudly through his chamber piercing the silence that held everyone still and silent, “The advisors will be here soon filling my ears with their worries, certain that I must lead them to a war we will not win.”  All six of his men stared at their king, uncertain what he was addressing.  “Our fate is not this temporary home and our war is not with these cockroaches in the earth, the drow that hate us and lust after our mithral.” 
Udall and Vanos knew then that their King intended to continue with his plan, despite the drow army that was coming to vanquish them.  The other four dwarves, also generals in the King’s army, stared at their king, confusion on their faces.  “Our war, if it is truly to be won, is with the Red Watcher!” continued the king, “The beast will continue to send its allies and followers, manipulating the drow and other creatures, empowering this world’s dragons while hoarding all this world’s riches.  Shall we stay and fight wave after wave of an army without end? Shall we spend all our resources fighting to hold onto a strip of land while our enemy rests easy waiting for mortality to do what she could not? Nay! We shall take the fight to her.  None of our brethren that stay here can know the truth of our sacrifice.”
King Melair IV continued to outline his plan to send his best legion of warriors through the recently discovered flame portal to the City of Brass.  From the fabled city they would launch a battle to bring an end to the most of evil of dragons, Edomira, The Red Watcher.  The remaining dwarves would fight the losing battle against the drow army here, their defeat hiding the true goal and allowing the legion to gain a foothold in the elemental plane of fire.
A clap of thunder and both the dwarf generals were shaken from their thoughts, the portal stood ready.  Vanos called out to the troops of dwarf warriors, “At last to home! Let us return, reborn through fire!” The dwarven army’s cheers echoed across the battlefield where the elder dragon lay dead.  Each dwarf carrying all the riches they could recover from the limitless hoard, they followed their generals lead into the portal that returned them to Toril.

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