Monday, May 31, 2010

The Nine Sages

The Nine Sages are not a prestigious guild of scholarly men or even a think-tank of pretentious intellectuals; in fact there is no such guild of sages in Waterdeep at all. Nor, do nine total the population of sagely individuals in the city. When Waterdeep was faced with its most recent crisis to the city, it was these nine sages that pooled their hoard of knowledge, that devised the plan that won the day for the city and the people of Waterdeep. And on that day they were highly decorated and are now collectively referred to as the Nine Sages. Of these, only five outwardly claim to have any significant knowledge regarding dragons:

The Sea Ward- Waterdeep's wealthiest ward is notable for the many-spired, grand homes of the nobility, the gleaming edifices of the city's leading temples, and the imposing towers of the city's premier wizards. Along Heroes’ Walk across from The Ship’s Wheel (where old men come to drink and watch each other’s hair fall out) is the residence of Umran Fletcher. A life-long resident whose major field of expertise is geography; his minor studies include terrain and the planes. He once gave a lecture on common typographical markers located in draconic territories.

In the Castle Ward, where daily intrigue and "night life" make up the social cut-and-thrust of city life, on Lamp Street off the High Road is the residence of Zeltabbar Iliphar (the empty villa you recently visited). Zel’s major area of knowledge is local mythic history; minor studies in legends and people. He kept and wrote a journal (of which you now have) on how dragons are able to bind their chakra to exceptional items of magic and mystical places- not excluding their lair and then theorizes how dragons hypothetically could bind their chakra to other creatures.

Bordering the Northern well-to-do and Trade commerce wards on Andamaar’s street is Poloma Kromnor’s alchemy shop called the Dragon’s Last Breath and his modest residence above. Aside from his considerable alchemy skills Polo’s major field of expertise is arcana; his minor studies include the seasons and cycles as well as people. He is a self proclaimed cloud reader- fortune teller, palm reader, local folks think of him as a little crazy. I mean reading clouds… what’s that?

In the Dock ward, the most crowded, dirty and "rough" district of the city, is a salty tavern called the Sleeping Wench where Nuess (the Noose) Blackrabbas is often found working out of as inspector for the fishmongers guild. Keeping sea vessels safe and up to code is how he makes his living. His major area of knowledge is engineering and minor studies of laws, weather and history. The foremost leader in educating the career fishermen on what to do in case you encounter a dragon!

To find Ammathair of the noble family Melshimber, you need look no further than Waterdeep Palace where he holds a ‘cabinet’ level position as the foremost authority on royalty, nobility and lineage. His other, less well known interests include ancient mysteries, historical legends and dragons. He loves wine, woman and song and has been known to play chess tournaments.

Also in the Castle ward is Vannay Brokengulf and your instructor. His major fields of study include local, with minor areas of expertise in knowledge of magical beasts and nobility. He has aspirations on the Field of Triumph where he hopes to bring many magical beasts to the arena.

Javroun Voluptas is a traveling priest of a major nature deity. He spends most of his time along the Delimbiyr river valley visiting all the farms from Llorkh to Secomber offering prosperous blessings for bountiful crops and healthy livestock. He too mentions hard times ahead; floods, starvation and death. His major fields of interest of course include nature and the gods, goddesses and ancient mysteries of the north.

Belthair Suaril is a known cleric of Selune at the House of the Moon and is the sister of the high priestess Naneatha. Her knowledge of religion out strips anyone in the House of the Moon and has such earned her a special title; Moon-sage. Her minor studies in outsiders and planes. She is the first to confirm that the recent scroll larceny does indeed extend to divine magic and is caused by some outsider entity.

Narthund “the hood” spends most of his time in undermountain collecting slimes, fungus and cataloging dungeon ecosystems and observing the uncivilized humanoids that dwell there. He has a working non-hostile relation with dungeon dwellers like Bylquore and his ware-rat pack. His areas of expertise naturally include dungeoneering, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids. Because of the company he keeps and the areas he frequents, his habits on personal hygiene leaves much to be desired.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: Interesting. None of the 9 Sages list dragons as a major or minor field of study. They come at it via different routes, i.e. "magical beasts" or "how dragons could bind their chakras to things".

James said...

(Wayne) Not true sir, Ammathair is listed as having 'minor' knowledge.

Gordzilla said...

"When Waterdeep was faced with its most recent crisis to the city, it was these nine sages that pooled their hoard of knowledge, that devised the plan that won the day for the city and the people of Waterdeep."

Damian asks: What was the crisis and what was the plan? How long ago?