Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Knights of the Firelance

The scribe put his quill to parchment:

Created this Shieldmeet 1358
The Knights of the Firelance is an assemblage of a newly appointed line of gunslingers, who act as peacekeepers and diplomats in the north. Twenty-five seats, not all filled at the time of this writing, with Sai Piergeiron at its apex; surrounded by the greatest military and tactical minds of Waterdeep. Prominent and influential individuals from militant noble families would be invited to be seated at this exclusive order Knights Gunslingers.

As part of initiation, gunslinger apprentices, that is to say a warrior in training with the hard calibers, would present their sword- bonded life-weapon by some, to a priest of Gond who would melt the oft enchanted blade to become the gunslinger’s shooting brand. The gunslinger forsakes his blade and baw for black powder and artillery to combat the increasing threat of war with Luskan and the Arcane Brotherhood, for Sai Piergeiron it was Sun Cleaver; for Sai Bladesemmer it was his Flame-Tongue; and even the First Knight …

Initial plans set forth before Highharvestide:
Protect the expansion of the High Road to allied communities; inventory any and all potential resources as outposts and strategic targets within allied communities.

Dispatch no less than six gunslingers to Luskan to demand reparations for the summer attack on Leilon and inspect the extent of the enemy forces.

The Knights of the Firelance officially recognize two faiths: one is the god of craft and invention, to bring the realms into the next age; and the god of warfare and protection, to ensure civilization is preserved.

With these ideas set forth, Ammathair began to compose the Knight’s official Charter and mission statement.

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