Saturday, November 5, 2011

Balin Jardeth

Balin Jardeth swore his life in the defense and protection of Sai Piergeiron; however, he swore his soul to and his heart to Helm. He stands as a firm example of physical perfection and purity of the soul. His guns, dual giant slayer blades known to have killed a cloud giant with a single critical slash; he is also a diplomatic expert, with a knack of remembering every face and name he meets. Balin respects the edicts and customs of all visiting personages to Waterdeep; he makes sure that they feel safer here than in the arms of their own mother. Socially he toils on about faith, truth and honesty; his intensity on the subject is infectious. As a Gunslinger he advocates preparation for the long early winter and the following summer war. In his twenties, Balin has green scar he suffered care of Verdantia, a green dragon of the High Forest; he wears the dragon hide armor of the Firelance Knights; and the badge of a Helm Magistrate.

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James said...

This post was an experiment, I used the Seven Sentence NPC from Paizos Dragon Compendium (look in your pdfs, I'm sure you have it).

Not sure if I like the format- too bland for the blog.