Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Consorting with the enemy

Twenty five years, two children and Caith was still considered a consort, still verbally abused, and still dismissed.  Twenty five years is a long time for love to boil into hate.  Truth to tell she would probably still be happy and well-kept today if not for Florin’s death.  That is when everything changed for Caith and the Durinbold family.  That was the day that Buldos changed from an inconsiderate nobleman into the violent arm of Tempus, the day when he stopped loving anything or anyone, even his only remaining son Breton.  It wasn’t long after Florin’s death that Buldos began directing his anger and hatred towards Breton.  Everything that Florin was Breton could never be.  When Breton was young he would come to his mother in tears, broken and hurt by another rebuke from his father, another embarrassment, another humiliation. 

Her hatred took hold then.  She could handle his disrespecting her and never treating her as anything other than a consort but she would not stand by while he attacked her only remaining child.  Caith counseled her son to hide his intelligence and skills, to allow everyone else to believe he was as worthless as his father proclaimed.  “Allow the world to underestimate you son and when we our ready they will not be prepared to deal with the real you. “ Caith watched and waited, sure that her opportunity would come and she was correct.  Buldos was a long time member of the Chess Emporium, still basking in the glow of a club championship from many years before.   It was in fact the place where Caith met her children’s father when he took her away from the upstairs rooms of the Emporium.  Due to Buldos long association with the lodge Caith had been hired over the years to train new concubines and weed out any possible trouble.  It was in her role as teacher that she first encountered Kiiri.  She had been brought in to satisfy exotic tastes.  Exotic certainly described her.  After some months of working at the Chess Emporium Caith and Kiiri, now known as Kiiri the colorful for her skin tones and decorative jewelry, became friends and confidants. 

Just as Buldos had become the engine of Caith’s hate, he was also the catalyst for the conversation with Kiiri that would change Caith’s life.  Buldos came into the lodge drunk and found his consort Caith upstairs in a conversation with Kiiri.  Cussing Kiiri, he took Caith then and there, roughly, abusively.  When the nobleman left, Kiiri tended to the bruised Caith and listened to her suddenly revealed hatred for the man she used to love. For weeks the two continued to talk, confiding more and more in each other until finally Kiiri felt sure she could share her true mission in Waterdeep.  Kiiri revealed to Caith that she was in fact a member of an organization known as the Shadow Thieves, shocking the elder consort.  After her initial shock was finished, the two women spent the next few weeks planning together, eventually sharing their plan with Caith’s son Breton.  For the relatively small investment of 4000gp Kiiri would start the wheels in motion for Caith and Breton to have their revenge.  Breton would inherit the Durinbold family fortune and they would finally be rid of Buldos.

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James said...

And here I thought he took a green slime bath, mayhap that wasn't the younger Durinbold in the slime downpour.