Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Uthrac Ruldegost

Uthrac found his thoughts drifting back to fonder memories as the clergy intoned the death rites of Tempus and the congregation of visitors responded in dutiful, respectfull tones. The day grandfather handed him his own Ruldegost arms, a perfectly balanced throwing axe, enchanted so that the wielder could choose to deal subdual damage with but a thought. Grandfather had said " You have chosen a right and good profession. The trade roads must be kept clear of rogues and bandits, and law breakers must be brought to justice. Let this axe help you bring them in alive. In Tempus name."

The day he told him of his decision, not so long ago, that he had joined a new order of knights, and presented the pair of blue steeled pistols that had been fashioned by the Gonds-men from his ancestral weapon. He said, as he hugged Uthrac close " You have always done the most with what I have provided. In Tempus name, you make me proud grandson".

He was most glad that grandfather had fought his disease long enough to see his badge of office with his seat on the new council. Sai Piergeron had entrusted to Uthrac with recruiting and training martialled bounty hunters, like himself. Efficient trackers and hunters of men, men who could capture targets, not simply kill them in bursts of violent justice. It all started with that prayer from grandpa, to bring 'em home alive.

Uthrac Ruldegost had a faint smile as he saluted his grandfathers corpse during the procession, and said to his grandfather as he passed " In Tempus name."

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