Monday, April 5, 2010


Knowledge (Engineering/Religion): Gond is recognized not as just the patron of inventors, but on a deeper level; he is the Keeper of the Ages. Over the centuries it was under his watch that mankind would elevate from the stone ages to the next age and beyond; as well being as the god of invention and industry. Gond stands alone with the indignation of the gods of magic. Clergy of Azuth, Nethys, Ioun, Isis and even Mystra are vehemently opposed to the artificer and the breakthroughs of engineering and craft without the use of magic; even to the point of sabotage and subterfuge.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: Hmmm... perhaps we can find an ally in the Church of Mystra or Azuth, to help us keep ahead of the Gondians. What think you, Damien?

Gordzilla said...

Damian: Agreed. Gondites are educated idiots that think too highly of themselves

Gordzilla said...

Damian: Or maybe an ally in Oghma who resents the Gondites sect of faith. :)