Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One night in Waterdeep..

Dart knocked on the apartment door that he had been assured was actually an office for a sagely elf. The dwarf questioned his own sanity for being out on a fool’s errand for Gin again all these years later. Chuckling to himself, Dart was suddenly surprised by the door’s sudden opening, and the elf who appeared in it. With a grandiose flourish and a bow, the exceptionally well dressed elf introduced himself, “Rubigard Spinks at your service, to what do I owe the honor of your visit?” The contrast between the dwarf Dart and the effeminate elf was immediately apparent to both, much to their mutual amusement.

“You were recommended to me for your expertise on magical creatures.” Dart explained, “I was hoping that we could engage in a friendly exchange of scholarly information.”

“Which means you don’t want to pay!” squealed the elf, “You’re so cute and asked so nicely though, how could I say no? Besides I’ve heard of you. Got a little mystery on your hands?”

“Well it involves a strange story about a Hill Giant and magic stones.” Dart replied, “After I tell it I’m really hoping you’ll tell me if you’ve heard of any other creatures dying the same way, or worse.”

“Just step inside and tell me your tale, I’m intrigued already. I can’t wait to tell you all about the Red Minotaur! I don’t have any beer; do dwarves like tea or milk?” Rubigard exclaimed, opening the door wider and inviting Dart in. Dart couldn’t help but wonder again at what he allowed Gin to put him through. “I’ll take tea.” the dwarf grimaced and shut the door behind him. “

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