Friday, November 4, 2011

Duty Calls

Breton Durinbold dismounted his horse as he felt the August heat seep through his armor. Once again he reminded himself that now that his father was part of Waterdeep’s Firelance leadership the family would continue to find their time wasted on minor items that the general populace found important. It was important to have positive interactions and to be responsive even if their issue or worry wasn’t exactly high priority. Today Breton had ridden outside Waterdeep to one of the many farms that lay near, this one owned by Alauos Kothont an Illuskan Waterdeep nobleman. It was Alauos who had sent word to the Firelance of their discovery.

To Breton’s untrained eye, nothing seemed amiss as he moved through the busy fields of the Kothont farm. The young nobleman was impressed with the number of workers and how diligently everyone was pursuing their duties. Breton made sure to walk the fields of the farm, feeling it was vital to let the people see him, oblivious to their angry stares as his heavy boots trod over tilled earth ruining hours of work. After frustrating most of the farm's workers with his clueless trek through the farm, Breton made his way to the farm house where the lead farmer Garston, a human male stood waiting on the porch to greet him.

After exchanging pleasantries Breton started to make his way inside the home, assuming there would be a meal in his honor. Garston apologized but indicated that he needed to follow him out behind the barn. Breton felt insulted but remembered his father’s instructions. He was also shocked to see that no one had tended to his horse since he had dismounted. It stood a couple hundred yards away grazing. He whistled for his horse and Garston could not hide his grimace as he watched the horse gallop through several gardens. Breton mounted up and looked at Garston, waiting for him to lead them behind the barn. The farmer stifled his words and stalked off behind the barn, Breton and horse slowly trotting behind.

As they passed the barn Breton’s horse almost threw him, rearing up and stopping as Breton’s eyes fell upon the largest Bulls, Cows, Horses, Donkey’s and Dogs he had ever seen. Garston assured Breton that despite their size the disposition was the same. Dismounting from his horse Breton turned to the farmer and started peppering him with questions. The more the noble spoke the more he revealed his ignorance. Garston was patient and finally got it through the nobleman’s head that the animals he saw was several of the farms beasts, grown to ridiculous size. Garston explained that this size of creature was usually described as “Dire” by the sages and those in the know. Yet these animals were not born Dire, they were normally sized until a few weeks ago when they began to grow much larger.

“Not only are the animals larger but we have already harvested the fields twice and the ground is still fertile. We will have a winter harvest this year!” explained Garston, “None of us understood what was happening but we figured it out after we found the stone.” “The stone?” asked the nobleman. Garston walked Breton over to the large pond that provided water for the farm and irrigated the fields. “It’s in there, quite large, and sometimes at night it glows. Breton looked at the murky water and decided that he would take Garston’s word as to what was in the water.