Thursday, November 3, 2011

Death Comes to Call

Gillian supposed giving this young woman the information she sought would end in her death. Her age hid her cunning, and that made her effective; she would be overlooked and thus underestimated. And was that not really the formula for success, that and the prize? Kalina Kormallis’ prize was a fabled dagger; she believed she discovered a commonality in certain poetry, theater and literature. And that was the appearance of a Dagger- a Fabled Dagger. If an author required a dagger at the end of a traitorous hand, it was described in exacting detail as a formal prop on stage; as well as in fiction, the description was the same. She claimed she could see it as plain as day.

Gillian was skeptical, he could not see it. She had in her possession Neeva, Gladiator Queen written by Tobias Wyvernspur ‘he of Azuth, he of the Wand’; it often mentions the dagger in the context of the story.

“I have never heard of this cleric or wizard you speak.” Gillian said, regarding the young lass. “Are you sure this mythical dagger is worth the trouble. If you get caught…” Gillian let the implication sink in.

“They will not catch me Sai and I am sure the dagger is real. I believe it with all my heart!” Kalina said with a conviction that was driven by deep emotion- focused and deadly. “The lawmen are too occupied as of late, and you know my father knows people…” Kalina let the implication sink in.

Gillian tittered. “Nevertheless the guilt I would carry if you failed in your quest because I did not set you on with something useful.” Gillian produced a wand of magic detection and explained how it will help in her search. “Furthermore I know a man who may know this author you seek. He is knowledgeable in areas of mythic history and legends, his name is Zeltabbar Iliphar.”

Later she visited the sage who did in fact know where the author Tobias Wyvernspur lived and was very helpful in directing her to the villa, too helpful...

Kalina waited patiently before approaching Tobias’ North Ward abode; she could smell the ocean strong tonight. The moon retreated behind the clouds, it was a beautiful midsummer night. Checking her straps so that they don’t betray her presence; Kalina applied her magical oil; crossed the street and noticed a buildup of leaves, sticks, and debris at the front entrance. None looks to have been through here in some time, mayhap all summer.

She listened at the door and could hear faint chanting maybe from the lower level, mayhap this spell caster is home after all. Circling the villa, she could see evidence of travel but that came as no surprise- it was Waterdeep.

Finding the cellar entrance she produced her new wand and spoke the words of magic. Soundless thunder impacted the air sending birds into flight and dogs into a round of startled barking. The cellar entranced burst open before her, revealing the cellar silent and still. Heedless of the danger Kalina descended into the dank unknown to discover a horror.
What she found made her wretch, warm blood painted the walls and surfaces; the stink of human remains added weight to the bloody room. She could not make out who or how many individuals there had been, but this was not something she wished to explain.

Before turning to leave she stepped on an object. Bending low she retrieved a foot long piercing dirk that appeared to be a green horn… a dragon horn. Kalina hastily turned with the object and found herself now eye to eye with an animated female corpse, her eyes shot open but she refrained from screaming. The undead woman looked at her with dead, empty eyes but made no threatening move; instead it brought out two items of incredible age and history- Samular items and gifted them to Kalina: the Fabled Dagger she saw in her visions its blade made from Arandur and a silver ring on a chain of impossible beauty and craftsmanship.


Russ said...

I love New Eden! even more than new Bordane.

James said...

:) I had fun writing about her.