Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tales from the Evermoor Way

The Guntar “Griz” Griswold could not remember a time when he was this busy. A craftsman through and through, he was also a civil engineer; a lover of dogs; and thoroughly enjoyed the city life of Waterdeep. He loved a good bard and a cozy seat at the bar. He was always reluctant to adventure however, claiming there would be no one to care for his ‘best friends’ Thomas, Odie, Ren, and Mordred if he were to perish. For Guntar Griswold there was no other creature capable of such obedience, loyalty or duty than his hounds.

A foray in to under mountain on a wager over the winter months settled the dwarf’s nerves for adventure and garnered him a most unusual item: a spade of colossal excavation.

Griz was already a member of a gild and indeed, that winter the dwarf became a crew onto himself as a public works employee for Waterdeep. But a new endeavor promising ‘historical’ work and a ‘chance to see the untamed North’ came about that spring. He was apprehensive, it would still be government work and would get him out of Waterdeep for a time; something his friend Mason at the Pampered Traveler said he needed to do once and a while. A summer vacation of sorts. Little did he expect that news of his aid in the extension of the Trade Way would gain him popularity and renown as the record rains that summer created a market for the dwarf and his fabulous spade.

With a grunt Griz gathered his tools and wiped the rain and sweat from his grisly brow; the Evermoor Way was finally completed and in time for Sheildmeet. Heading for the Yartar gates he walked past the Halls of Happenstance and watched the priests of Tymora attempt to count the multitudes of traders, outcasts and even Uthgardt arriving for Shieldmeet. That would not be him as he was venturing forth to the start of his next job, he motioned for his dogs to follow when a rumble shook Griz to his feat. Looking around dazed and confused he watched in horror and in speechless fascination as his four closest friends and companions joined and shifted to form a humanoid figure.

Confused and desperate sounds filtered from every avenue in town as the sky became dark and still. In the darkness Griz couldn’t see clearly the individual before him, but in the confusing days that followed Guntar Griswold described a tall muscular man wearing shining polished armor, possessing a great and marvelous sword; the individual did not possess a human head but instead had the head of a handsome noble hound possessing intelligent, deadly eyes.

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