Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Owl’s Roost

Ultas Maernos stood before the Roost thinking of the change of faith that completely questioned his beliefs and now filled his heart. The gods made man, magic and beast; they were responsible for the sun, moon and the seasons; as well as governing the lives and fates of countless individuals, races and other forms of life. But now another power has revealed itself, a supreme being capable of unseating not only one god but pantheons of gods to roam the mortal realms in an exercise of humility. It is The Hidden One, a power at the top of the tower, a source from which all things begin and where all things end; the alpha and omega. AO. Ultas could see the wisdom of such action and its long-term benefit: us.

Ultas broke from his soul searching contemplations; he made several passes before the door to the Roost and then unlocked it. The smell of tea and coffee was heavy but pleasant; a screech from the golden owl perched inside cut through the morning air as Ultas entered his coffee shop and book store.

“I’m glad to see you to Sysania.” As he spoke he began the coffee and tea brewers for the day’s business; then a bell sounded behind him, a customer. Ultas turned to recognize this early visitor.

“It’s good to see you again and so soon, have you finished the story already?” Ultas indicated the book the young lady carried, its title barely readable: Neeva, Gladiator Queen.

“I did,” Kalina answered. “It was very helpful.”

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