Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Shuffling Amongst The Pieces

Elemos Gauntyl sat at his desk, drumming his fingers and listening to the sounds of the men drilling out in his yard. Focusing on the upcoming conversation, he desperately tried to ignore the excrutiating pain radiating from his gout-stricken legs. His eldest son, Vhaas, shifted nervously in his seat across the desk.

There was a soft rap at the study's door, and then it opened. A head, Elemos' body servant Alaric, peeked in and quietly announced "He's here, m'lord."

The patriarch of the Gauntyl household nodded and gruffly bid the servant to allow his second, and youngest, son in. Vhaas sprang to his feet and turned to meet the newcomer.

Striding into the study, head held high, came Kienan. Topping over just six feet, and with ginger hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail, he had all the hawkish features of his mother, and none of the blunt, rounded ones of his father or brother. He stopped before the massive desk and, with a flourish, whipped his cloak over his shoulder. He coolly looked from his elder brother to his father, who had remained seated. "Father".

"Just what did you think you were doing??" erupted Vhaas, "Stealing the sword, going to this meeting with Piergeron without father's bless-."

Elemos interrupted, "Vhaas, enough! Quiet, boy. I still have a tongue in me head." Elemos then turned his gaze from the eldest to the youngest. "If I didn't want to cause a scandal and air our grievances, I'd call the guards and have you arrested for theft. That sword was not your's to take. It belonged to me, and then your brother, at my passing."

"Father, the Order and the Gondites required a magical sword to craft wi-" Kienan began.

"But Frostfang!? Couldn't you've bought a sword, paid some street mage to cast some spells and be content with that?" asked Elemos confusedly. "Or better yet, tell me about this movement and allow Vhaas here to ascend to that posting?"

Kienan glanced from father to brother, who was barely keeping silence, anger flashing in his eyes. "Father, all I did was for our family. It may've been rash, and perhaps I should've asked for your blessing first but I'd just heard of these seats. Afraid that they'd be snatched up, I acted quickly. Frostfang has not been lost, but has been merely transformed."

With that, the young man pulled from his belt two magnificently wrought pistols. Vines and serpentine dragons entwined themselves around the length of each barrel, the wood polished to a high sheen and reflected the candles and fireplace's light. They were truly beautiful to behold.

Licking his lips, Kienan's eyes flicked back and forth between his father and brother. "What I have done can only help our house. Vhaas can stay as head of our house, and now you also have a voice on the ruling council of the greatest city in all Faerun." He watched as his father's angry, purple face slowly lost it's scowl, softening as he considered his son's implications. Tempus, that god of battle his family revered, loved bold actions. Yet it was said he also favored calculating tactics and strategies. In the chessboard of court, his youngest son's movements may've opened a new, fruitful era for the Gauntyl family.

Looking up at his youngest boy, Elemos said quietly "Boy, just remember when you're in the council chambers where you came from."

The sword named Frostfang has been in the Gauntyl family for nigh three hundred years. Jurgen Gauntyl, founder of the family, had the sword created to fight the burning demon Ogien. It is a long sword that has the icy burst effect. 

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