Saturday, November 12, 2011


Marcus Thorne Wands replaced his apponax feather quill into the ink bottle after signing his initials as he is known to do and looked down upon his work. The raven that would carry the message squawked impatiently on its perch.

Syllia walked in on her husband, quiet as a whisper, with a small package in her hand. Her red hair was flawless as always, her creamy skin inviting and her eyes alert with intelligence with a glint of excitement. “Elkoremarr has come through for us darling! We can try again tonight.”

Marcus, “Very good;” he looked at his wife lustfully. She responded with a raised eyebrow and a devils grin.

The wizard magically shrank the note and prepared the raven, “Important business?” inquired the woman.

Trying to recover lost property,” Marcus responded with a nod towards vagary attaching the note to the bird.

“Why not just take what is yours my love?” She slid up behind him as he released the raven, pressing her breasts against his back.

Marcus turned to look into her green eyes, “Because unlike your homeland I value individuals as tools to employ and weapons to wield, not as annoyances to be destroyed as they sometimes interfere with plans- the big tapestry. Mayhap they could bring us closer to that end goal.”

“The big tapestry.” Syllia reaffirmed.

Marcus beamed at his love and kissed her deeply; she hungrily reciprocated. When the heat of their need subsided, they retired to their lofty chambers in the Wand villa and opened the package. Inside were two clear glass vials of a thick red liquid and a note explaining the contents of each and their origin.

Holding one up to the light, “This one is blood from a gold dragon. It says its name was Aurum and he was over a thousand years old.” He handed the vial to the now naked woman. Marcus could not help but linger on her shape, perfect breasts and... “This one,” he continued. “Came from a red, same age as requested; its name was Zollrendar.” He recalled the day he fought that one.

Syllia returned the vial to Marcus, as he began the motions of spell-casting over the vial of gold dragon blood. As he did this, she began to undress him. Their past attempts at conception were a failure; however, now with the blood of a gold dragon coursing through them both, they will surely conceive a sorcerer she thought with excitement.

Marcus completed his preparatory spells and reached to pull the curtain; the room was plunged into darkness, but before their eyes adjusted fully to the darkness Syllia quickly and quietly switched the gold dragon blood for the red dragon blood.

In the darkness Syllia felt a hand cup her breast and heard her husband swallow hard, then felt the cold rim of a glass vial on her lips; she drank the warm thick liquid and walked her husband to the bed, dimly lit by a lonely red taper.

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Gordzilla said...

If you're Paul Giamatti and she is doing you, you have to know that you are getting screwed in more ways than one.