Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eulogy of the Ka-tet

Time flies, knells call, life passes, so hear our prayer.
Birth is nothing but death begun, so hear our prayer.
Death is speechless, so hear our speech.
These are the fallen, who served their ka and their tet. Say true.
May the forgiving glance of S’mana heal their hearts. Say please.
May the arms of Gan raise them from the darkness of the earth. Say please.
Surround them, Gan, with light.
Fill him them Chloe, with strength.
If they are thirsty, give them water in the clearing.
If they are hungry, give them food in the clearing.
May their life on this world and the pain of their passing become
as a dream to their waking souls, and let their eyes fall upon
every lovely sight; let them find the friends that were lost,
and let everyone whose name they call- call theirs in return.
They are Wayne, Chadwick, Eden and Griffith, who lived well, loved their own,
and died as ka would have it. Each man owes a death. Give them peace. 

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