Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tales from the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors

Now that you have settled back into Waterdeep, I want to remind you of the offer I have tabled regarding the Warp Marble. To discuss terms, I expect to see you at Highsun this very day; at the Efreeti Bottle- bring whomever you wish from your Tet; however no one other than you may participate in our palaver. These are troubled times and those share the vision are not meant to assail each other. Bring the marble.


Marcus rolled up the message and affixed it to the raven who, without ceremony flew off into the morning sea breezes. Marcus relayed his commands for the day and returned to his work desk in his private quarters. Sitting down he poured himself a carafe of juice, attached his Headband of office and began to prepare the spells and incantations he would need this day. His eyes drifted to his sleeping bride on the lavish bed who did not need to wake as early as he did, but men did need their time to themselves. There she lay, red of hair and creamy skin; deviously cleaver and confident beyond her gender- by Marcus’ reckoning.

After completing his spell preparations Marcus next opened his daily journal and began to write. So many responsibilities, but none more important that the offspring between himself and his bride. Marcus poured over the notes and charts that plot a typical woman’s pregnancy as well as his bride’s activities. Documented was everything from her daily measurements, her meal size and frequencies, how far she walked and the relative level of any laborious activity. Marcus completed the findings; at the rate the child is growing, he or she will come to full term by the Feast of the Moon- two months early.

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