Friday, November 25, 2011

The Efreeti Bottle

The Efreeti Bottle feast hall is a richly designed tower; it is a lavish and popular location for Waterdeep nobles who wish a retreat or visiting vacationers to the City of Splendors. It has a large squat round base structure of arching designs out of which rises a graceful minaret that contains private rooms, suites, and fantastical themed rooms. It is the fourth tallest tower in Waterdeep. Hasar Al-Yasan owns the Bottle but has little hand in its day-to-day operations, leaving that to the Servants of Sharess. Instead, Hasar has a legendary appetite for pleasure; any indulgence for the mere pleasure of doing so. Some say he is something more than a man, perhaps an incubus or genie. Being a creature of extreme sensations and voracious hunger of pleasures, Hasar imports many exotic delicacies from food and wine to inclinations of the flesh.

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