Monday, November 7, 2011

Father No Rest

Kraiton led Breton Durinbold into champion’s den of the Chess Emporium where his irate father Buldos awaited. Kraiton again wondered how Buldos must have angered the gods to be cursed with such an imbecilic son. The heir to the Durinbold fortune was clueless as to what his father could be mad about but certain from years of experience that he was the cause of that anger. Kraiton had spent the last three hours searching for Breton only to find him at the same Emporium as his father albeit upstairs, entertaining himself with the courtesans. Now thanks to the idiot Kraiton would be blamed for conducting an incompetent search.

Buldos Durinbold was not an intimidating man, not normally, save for his family which he dominated with his battle hardened ways and sudden mood swings. Yet these are not normal times. The tall, thin, middle aged human was luxuriously dressed in his fine wool, leather coat, his hair perfectly coifed, his bearing that of a nobleman were it not for the revolver on his hip that marked him a Firelance Gunslinger. That weapon intimidated. Many times Buldos would find someone he was speaking to staring openly at his revolver, entranced by its magic wrought by Gond. Buldos also believed the weapon to still be blessed by Tempus since it was crafted from his Mace of Smiting.

At the sight of his son being brought into the den, Buldos rose from his chair, glaring at his man at arms Kraiton, and growling at his son, “I had an interesting conversation with the treasury this morning son, they inform me that you have withdrawn 5000 gold and now my man finds you upstairs in a bed of six strumpets, what is a father to think?” Breton broke into a silly grin, “Only a hundred was for upstairs father, most of it is for the green slime.” There was an uncomfortable pause as Buldos and Kraiton both waited for more of an explanation. “What GREEN SLIME! What are you talking about?” bellowed the angry father, “Kraiton did I not say to you not to let him out of your sight?”

“The Green Slime is to get rid of the stone and even if that doesn’t work we can use it against the dire animals” explained Breton, “Kiiri the colorful said that she can deliver the slime to any of our properties so I had her take it to our cattle ranch near Kothont’s farm. Taking care of it Dad.” Buldos hand gripped his pistol tightly as he once again wondered at the fate that robbed him of his oldest best son Florin and left his families legacy in the perilous hands of Breton Durinbold. Saying a quick curse towards the dwarf Thraygar Blackbeard who failed and mislead Florin unto his death, Buldos grabbed his son by the shoulders and asked him angrily, “Have you paid this Kiiri the colorful yet?” A chuckling Breton replied, “Well how else could I get her to deliver the Slime Dad?”

A half hour of yelling followed and Kraiton noticed that more than once Buldos’ hand gripped his gun. The Man at Arms worried that his benefactor would shoot him in the anger he could not take out on his son. He quickly discovered his fate was much worse. “Since you have cost our family a sum of money I planned to use in support of our Luskan emissaries I shall be forced to send you my son. Kraiton you can’t expect me to send my heir alone into the dangerous North so of course you will accompany him. Make sure he returns to me…unless of course he is consumed by a Green Slime!”

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