Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tales from the Long Road

The meazel knew rage; it knew violence. They also knew untold prosperity, because in the recent weeks since Midsummer, the asexual meazel’s population has swelled in number such that many were forced to find territories or lairs of their own; rarely are they encountered away from their lair.

Generations of living in the underdark; the meazel have developed a hunched posture and tough skin the color of common stone. Their gold rimmed eyes possess a malevolent stare that fascinates it victims or the meazel may employ their vicious chains to strangle and bring down unfortunate victims. They are natural stalkers with an eye for the valuable; they will often employ spoils from their victims…

The creature emerged from the endless darkness of the underdark and was amazed at the canopy of tiny lights that speckled the impossible sky. New aromas and sensations aroused the meazel in a way that was new, alien and yet impossible to deny. A physical change began to take place that the creature did not understand, but knew it was linked to these new urges. The meazel was swiftly and unbelievably growing male genitalia before its, no- his eyes. A new scent gripped the grey-skinned man, undeniable and primordial: Lust. Gathering its chains the meazel raised its head to the air and followed it to find…
The Harper sat upon her war horse admiring her newly acquired weapon; a six inch long blade heavily stylized with a tiger’s eye, its name was sabre-tooth. Aeriell Slimerhelve is a civilar in Waterdeep’s cavalry, supervising and training of the many warriors, they patrolled the road to Amphail. Aeriell’s gaze wandered from her weapon to her squad, and then to the northern road that disappeared as it met the horizon, her contact Hyara Talmost was overdue.

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