Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An interesting piece

Gillian smiled sincerely as he handed the scroll over to Hettman. “This will make you immune to acid for the next 24 hours, use it wisely”. “Thanks a ton” Hettman stammered “I owe you more than I can ever repay”. Not only are you providing this scroll but the effort you put into researching the creatures strengths and weaknesses is most generous. “It’s an honor to serve house Tsurion”, Gillian boasted “and a Bebilith is not to be taken lightly”. I think we came up with a Brilliant plan Hettman. Just use the items I provided, follow our plan, and soon your worries will be over.

“Still I feel as if I should repay you somehow, are you sure there is nothing I can do for you Gillian”? “Nothing comes to mind” Gillian said with as much innocents as he could muster. I have no interest in coin, and gems don’t sparkle for me as they did in my youth. My only passion now is collecting old frame glasses & lenses. It’s my favorite hobby; he said peering over the frame of the horn rimmed glasses he had recently acquired for this latest disguise. But it’s not like you would be carrying around something like that in your pocket he chuckled as he nudged Hettman. “As a matter of fact I do have something you might be interested in” Hettman said as he fished around in his breast pocket. It’s kind of a family heirloom belonged to my grandfather, I carry it for luck. I want you to have it he said as his eyes began to mist up. My family would have certainly perished if not for your generosity this is the least I can do for you. He handed over a small, tattered leather pouch “it has a small crack in the lens and the finish has worn off the frame but it’s an interesting piece”. Gillian did his best to act surprised “are you sure you want me to have this”? I don’t know what to say I am stunned. When you return from your confrontation you must tell me the history of this piece he said as he began walking Hettman to the door. “Oh, a yes when I return then, so lo” was the last he heard as he shut the door in Hettmans face.

Manipulating people had always come easy for Gillian. He couldn’t remember the last time he had failed to pull off a scheme. Since he had gained the aspect of Trickery it wasn't even a challenge anymore. People took the lies he spoke as truth regardless of how absurd they seemed. No matter, he was one more step closer to attaing his goal, soon the Lurking Lord would be restored.

Pulling the monocle from its pouch the soft glow filled the room. Though it had only been a few weeks it had seemed like a lifetime since he had felt the presence of the Lord of Shadows. As he felt the aspect of the monocle entwine with his own some of those familiar feelings came flooding back. Trickery and Avarice are yours again my lord Mask. Soon we will own them all.

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