Monday, March 1, 2010

Agundar family secret: Arandur

This legendary metal is worked by Talos master-smiths and metal workers who regard Arandur as sacred ore; "Talos’ gods-blood seeped into the veins of the land to mine and toil."

Arandur is a rare natural metal found only under a trio of mountain peaks called Arandur’s Crown, as streaks of blue-green ore amid vitreous glass. So that it does not become as brittle as the glass it is found in, it must be tempered with the blood of dragons in its forging. The finished forged metal is silver-blue with a green reflective shine. Arandur also bonds with other metals and is known for holding a sharp edge even when abused or neglected.

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robm1171 said...

Hmmm... A trio of mountain peaks, y'say? kinda like the ones on my buckler... Seems a good place to start looking for any castle/keep remains of Samular